Metrology 2011

Dear Participants, FOCUS OPERATOR OF TOURISM AND EVENTS is honored to have been appointed by the organizing committee as the official Event Provider METROLOGY 2011. Our goal is to provide participants Messrs. the best options for your package, with quality and best prices applied in the hotel network. We present some packages that were called “The Northeast at your fingertips.” Packages that provide some options for you to experience the beauty, enjoying the delicious flavors of our Northeast.

Hotel Cabanas Apart Hotel – Natal (RN)

Category 3 ***

More information: 10 rooms in rustic style “apartments with 20-inch TV with 60 channels. »Bar support ‘Mini Kitchen in each flat’ Private parking (garage) ‘Swimming pools for adults and children” Air conditioning in all the apartments’ with hot / cold with central heating solar’ telephone hotline. ’Commands bedside and safe. »Free Wireless. The distance to the Hotel Cabanas Apart Hotel Praiamar is approximately 1,500.

AV. Engenheiro Roberto Freire, 03
Ponta Negra
Natal / RN

  • Daily rate in standard single room: U$ 97.00
  • Daily rate in standard double room: U$ 106.00
  • Daily rate in standard triple apartment: U$ 122.00
  • Board: Breakfast

Aram Praia Hotel – Natal (RN)

More information: An exclusive location in Ponta Negra. A complete hotel for you and your family. It has two swimming pools for adults and the use of two swimming pools for use by children, internet service, apartments for disabled facility, game room, parking, restaurant and service support at the reception to mark tours and other services. The distance to the Hotel Aram Beach Hotel is approximately 900m Praiamar

Category 3 ***

Rua da Praia, 3398
Ponta Negra
Natal / RN

  • Daily rate in standard single room: U$ 105.00
  • Daily rate in standard double room: U$ 105.00
  • Daily rate apartment triple standard: U$ 139.00
  • Board: Breakfast

Hotel Paradise Flat – Natal (RN)

Category 4 ***

More information: In the heart of Ponta Negra, combining comfort, charm and sophistication. That’s all for you to have unique experiences in the beautiful Natal. Nearby we have excellent bars, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, craft shops and the Convention Center of Natal. Perfect place for you to relax, have fun, enjoy special moments and enjoy the enchanting view of Ponta Negra Beach and Bald Hill, the main postcard city of Natal. Distance from Hotel to Hotel Paradise Flat Praiamar is approximately 400m

Rua Miguel Primo Godeiro, 100 – Ponta Negra
Natal – RN, 59092-480

  • Daily rate in standard single room: U$ 155.00
  • Daily rate in standard double room: U$ 155.00
  • Daily rate in standard triple apartment: U$ 180.00
  • Board: Breakfast

Quality Suites Hotel Natal – Natal (RN)

Category 4 ***

More information: Located in the best area of Ponta Negra beach, just 100 meters from the Waterfront, Near to the best dining options, leisure and shopping in the town, just 15 minutes from the International Airport Augusto Severo. All apartments with excellent sea views and the famous Bald Hill. The distance to the Hotel Quality Suites Hotel is approximately 400m Praiamar

Av Eng Roberto Freire, 3090
Ponta Negra
Natal / RN

  • Daily rate in standard single room: U$ 188.00
  • Daily rate in standard double room: U$ 188.00
  • Daily rate in standard triple apartment: U$ 280.00
  • Board: Breakfast

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Services Prices per person – Regular Basis

Arrival and Departure Transfer to the Hotels in Natal

Base 02 passengers (from 02 to paxs): U$ 33.00


Services Prices per person – Private Base

Arrival and Departure Transfer to the Hotels in Natal

Base 01 passenger: U$ 90.00

Base 04 passengers: U$ 68.00

Base 06 to 08 passengers: U$ 45.00

Base 10 passengers: U$ 38.00


Services Prices per person
Arrival and Departure Transfer to the Hotels in Pipa Base 02 passengers: U$ 105.00
Arrival and Departure Transfer + City Tour with south coast – hotels in Natal Base 02 passengers: U$ 46.00
Arrival and Departure Transfer + City Tour with south coast Arrival and Departure Transfer +
(Passengers who do pack de Noronha)
Passenger Base 2002: U$ 79.00


Services Prices per person Duration Frequency
City Tour with south coast – hotels in Natal Base 02 Passengers: U$ 32.00 Full Day Daily
Rides Pipa Base 02 Passengers: U$ 48.00 Full Day Consult
Rides Maracajaú Beach with boat ride Passenger Base 2002: U$ 88.00 Full Day Consult


  • Value of Private Transfers base 02 passengers: U$ 98.00
  • Valid values ​​for the male gender for the passengers informed. Services with arriving and leaving on the same flights.
  • Services above the base REGULAR – PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE.

Packages 02 Nights – The Northeast at your fingertips

  • Fernando de Noronha Package Includes: Airfare Natal Fernando de Noronha / Natal + 02 nights stay at tourist lodge home with breakfast + Transfers Arrival and Departure with guide and Lecture Introduction to the Island –VALUE PACKAGE PER PERSON IN DOUBLE ROOM STANDARD: U$ 890.00 + SHIPPING FEES.
  • Package Pipa (RN) Includes: 02 nights in PIPA BEAUTY SPA RESORT with breakfast – VALUE PACKAGE PER PERSON IN STANDARD SUITE WITH JACUZZI: U$ 170.00

Tips / Suggestions

In National Travel must present the document Legal identity, which can be: Passport, driver’s identity, national driver’s license with a photograph and work papers.
International travel will be required in the presentation of the Passport, except for countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Peru, but in this case must be presented ID card provided by the civil police state and in good repair.
It is always carry a copy of passport or other identification document.

Authorization for Minors
Children under 12 (twelve) years need judicial authorization to travel unaccompanied by their parents in domestic flights, and submission of birth certificates or identity cards. In the case of minors between 12 and 18 there is variation according to the courts of every circuit, so it must pass before leaving the court.
In the international travel under 18 (eighteen) years unaccompanied by parents must submit legal authorization and if accompanied by a parent must have the consent of the other.


  • The luggage should be identified, with names and addresses, both on the outside as the inside.
  • Always lock luggage padlock;
  • When you check bags, check the voucher printed there if the destination is really your. This receipt serves as proof of contract for the carriage of baggage.
  • To facilitate the visualization of luggage in the wake of the airport and avoid the risk of carrying the suitcase by mistake anyone, put it aside from other reasons.
  • Do not put valuables in baggage to be checked.
  • In case of loss or breach of luggage should seek a CIA air and fill a specific report of three routes (one is yours) with volume of information lost or missing objects, in case of loss of the communication problem must be in the air Delivery of luggage, remember that objects such as jewelry, cameras, camcorders and other moneys valuables are not compensated as are specified on the back of airline tickets. The completion of the report is the guarantee of their rights.

Flights Reconfirmation
It is advisable to reconfirm flight about 48 hours before departure and the arrival at the airport two hours prior to departure for international flights and a garden prior to domestic flights. If you are bringing electronics to the outside is necessary to register them in the Internal Revenue Service, the airport itself. Never accept requests to take orders and never leave luggage unattended at the airport.

Baggage allowance
For domestic flights the baggage allowance per passenger minimum is:
30 kg for first class;
20 kg for the other classes, and
10kg for aircraft up to 20 seats.

For international flights there is a variation of air cia, not exceeding 32 kg
Excess baggage will be charged a fee of 1% of the value per kilogram of air fare.

Make sure the destination is the focus of some disease or the vaccine is recommended. Many countries require yellow fever vaccine, for example, and the vaccination certificate is required at the entrance of the country. The vaccine is free, the health ministry recommends 10 days prior to the scheduled day trip. They are also
recommending the vaccine for measles, going to Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

Check in and hotel check-out
Remember that the time of entry into the hotel used to be, at least 14h. There are places that check in can only be done after 15h. Already checked out (output) is usually close to midday.

Avoid carrying high value notes, take one or more cards, in addition to international travel international cards, also opt for traveler’s checks are safer and well accepted for exchange it is necessary to present a passport or copies. Never carry all the money in one place.


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